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Portola Coffee Roasters

Orange County, CA

Portola Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of owner and roastmaster Jeff Duggan and his wife Christa. Founded on the belief that you can get a delicious cup of coffee quickly, they focused on the science behind coffee to make sure each coffee we offer is crafted to perfection. Over the years, we moved from our shop in Costa Mesa to multiple locations around Orange County and Long Beach. Our roasters use some of the highest quality coffee beans from farms in Central and South America and Africa. We are dedicated to creating relationships with the farms we partner with. Our goal is to bridge the disconnect between farmers and the customers that drink the coffee to make coffee more than just a way to wake up, but an experience that lasts everytime.

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Victrola Coffee Roasters

Seattle, WA

Victrola Coffee opened back in 2000 in the little 15th Avenue neighborhood. From the beginning, Victrola, named for the popular home phonograph of the 1920's, embraced the liveliness, exuberance and fun of the Jazz era. The era's fingerprints mark much of what they do, from their passion for live vintage jazz to their cafes' unique architectural charm. Since its opening Victrola has continued to grow in size and in reputation. With several additional locations throughout Seattle, Victrola looks forward to a future of sharing great coffee and a community space where friends can gather and connect while embracing their passion for coffee.

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Austin Roasting Company

Austin, TX 

Austin Roasting Company is a family owned and operated business offering premium single origin, organically farmed, and fair trade coffee to the local community of Austin Texas. Their coffees are carefully roasted in small batches, packed and shipped at their local facility in Austin. With over 20 years coffee roasting experience, they take every step possible to discover and preserve the true nature of each coffees unique characteristics. They believe that by using the finest coffee, the best equipment, and careful roasting they can deliver the finest coffee to your door.

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Corvus Coffee Roasters

Denver, CO

We work directly with coffee farmers to build a supply chain of better coffee for coffee enthusiasts who are searching for exciting and interesting coffees. Established in 2010, Corvus was founded and owned by Philip and Autumn Goodlaxson who continue to source and roast coffee daily for Corvus Coffee! Corvus prides themselves on working directly with coffee farmers to build a supply chain of better coffee for coffee enthusiasts who are searching for exciting and interesting coffees. They don't just make amazing coffees. They find amazing people who grow amazing coffees. Then they partner with them, pay them great prices, invest in their infrastructure, and roast these coffees for you!

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Gotham Coffee Roasters

New York, NY

While only founded in 2013, Gotham Coffee has deep roots in the industry that go back to the beginnings of specialty coffee. They bring this long view to the modern era with a focus on customer accessibility and sustainable green sourcing. They are committed to offering the best quality coffee for anyone's palate, without pretenses about styles of roasting or differences of taste. Gotham sources all coffee seasonally in small lots, and priority is given to repeat purchases from farms and collectives year over year. All of Gotham's coffee is purchased with higher cup quality, and higher farm-level prices in mind, and much of it is bought on a fixed pricing (non-commodity) model.

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Coma Coffee

St. Louis, MO

Established in St. Louis, Missouri, siblings Macy and Corbin Holtzman started Coma Coffee in 2016. Coma Coffee is quality driven, focused on sourcing the highest quality coffees from around the world. We roast in a way to highlight the unique characteristics of a coffee's origin. We believe that specialty coffee brings people together while cultivating the craft.

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Monarch Coffee

Kansas City, MO

Founded by a barista and an artist, Monarch is a marriage of coffee and art. Opened in July 2017 by Tyler and Jaime Rovenstine, Monarch was a vision several years in the making. They are committed to producing amazing coffee, and being a welcoming and inclusive anchor in their community of Kansas City. Their company works hard to embody equity values in staffing, partnerships, and how they engage with their city and the coffee industry as a whole.

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Tipico Coffee Roasters

Buffalo, New York

Tipico Coffee is a renowned café and roastery in sunny Buffalo, NY. Vibrant spaces filled with light and the perfect coffee. They are creators. Their cafe is located in the Elmwood Village of Buffalo. The vibrant decor creates a playful space perfect for sipping our exotic roasts. On warm summer nights, grab a glass of bubbly or a cold brew and take in the sights and sounds of the city from our spacious front deck. Come winter, we will keep you warm and cozy inside serving up our hot coco or a glass of red wine.

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Panther Coffee

Miami, FL

Panther Coffee is a Miami Based Specialty Coffee Company. Roaster, Retailer and Wholesaler Specializing in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans and the preparation of coffee beverages.
We aim to source, roast, and prepare some of the finest coffees in the world and create a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants.
The retail team at the coffee shops, provide excellent hospitality and delicious beverages and snacks.The wholesale team at Panther Coffee provides coffee, training and equipment to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other retailers.

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Proof Coffee

New York, New York

Their very first location that started it all, located on Nassau Street between Maiden and John, is about the size of a walk-in closet. Nestled in Lower Manhattan (Financial District), it's near virtually every train connected to the Fulton Street subway line.

All Proof coffees are 100% certified organic, sustainably sourced, roasted in Brooklyn, crafted with love, and served with passion. In addition 5% of proceeds go to charity for mental health. 

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