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Strive Coffee stands behind a very specific product line; gourmet single origin coffees. The term Single-Origin, although known by other names, has a simple meaning: that our coffee originates from a single specific region, producer, or farm. This means that every bean in a bag of Strive comes from the same source. When we search for our single origin coffees, the most important factor is traceability, the ability to know precisely where the coffee comes from. In the same way that wine is distinguished by the region of which its grapes are grown, this emphasis on origin enables us to build and characterize specific flavor profiles for each brew.

What makes Single Origin coffee so special?

Sustainability. Single Origin coffee is built for an incredible coffee drinking experience, rather than mass market profitability. With most of our suppliers only harvesting their coffee crop once a year, the farms that are handpicked by our suppliers are focused on quality rather than quantity. This small scale system of production makes our supply chain vastly more sustainable, so your coffee not only tastes great but is something you can feel good about.

Support Local Farmers & Roasters. Coffee farmers growing for large corporations are often deprived of the fair wages they deserve due to the corporations focus on profits. In an effort to keep costs and prices low, these companies take shortcuts throughout the supply chain both in regards to quality of the coffee and treatment of their workers. When you purchase single origin coffee, you are supporting small farmers and enabling more of these growers to become independent farms rather than pieces of a corporate supply chain. In a similar manner, a purchase of single origin coffee also supports local roasters in vibrant cities across America. 

Highest Quality. A sign of the fact that our beans are sourced from a single location, our coffees have a distinct and wonderful flavor rather than the blending of profiles experienced with lower quality coffees. Our farmers take extreme care in ensuring they produce only the finest gourmet coffee beans. Level of shade vs. sun, temperature, local flora and fauna, altitude, soil, and countless other methods are all factors that are weighted when characterizing taste for our beans. All of these variables are constantly tweaked and tested to bring our customers the best single origin coffee experience.

Riding the Third Wave

The coffee market is a constantly evolving beast, most recently taken by storm with the concept of Third Wave coffee.  An emphasis on direct trade points to the relationship between coffee farmers, roasters, and the consumer. Recently, the consumer desire for high quality and gourmet coffee has risen greatly; a change often referred to as the "Third Wave" of coffee. This movement has sparked a greater sense of pride and responsibility in both coffee farmers and roasters to source coffee with a healthier supply chain. A healthier supply chain not only results in a more sustainable and fair process from farm to cup, but also results in better tasting, higher quality gourmet coffee.

Essentially Single Origin coffee is coffee at its purest form.  

Check out this video to give more of the details of what makes single origin coffee so unique and great. 

Here are some of our favorite single origin coffees that we think you will love.

Tanzania - Peabearry
Tanzania - Peabearry
Tanzania - Peabearry

Tanzania - Peabearry


Medium roast - 12 oz

Top-tier single-origin.

Delicious, hand-sorted, specialty peaberry coffee.
Full-bodied, super smooth, and rich.
Beautifully clean, crisp, and bright flavor and taste.

Origin: Tanzania

Altitude: 1400-1800 MASL

Process: Washed

Burundi - Kayanza Kirema
Burundi - Kayanza Kirema
Burundi - Kayanza Kirema

Burundi - Kayanza Kirema