Who is Strive Coffee?

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Our Mission

Our goal is simple: pursue perfection. 

We derive our passion for gourmet coffee from the idea that quality of its taste is an ever-evolving experience which we want the world to enjoy. While specialty coffees and blends combined with innovative brewing methods offer a unique arrangement of flavors, we believe that the source of any coffee's taste lies quite literally at its origin. With a mission to produce the best coffee, we've set out to discover the most reputable single origin beans from around the world so that one day you might arrive at the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Story

Founders Patrick Andrews and Nick Krantz originally met as roommates at Washington University in St. Louis and developed a friendship over the years. One thing they both shared in common was their love for gourmet coffee. The only problem was that the coffee served on campus and brewed at home simply didn't taste good - thus the search for the best coffee began. Strive Coffee started as a way to satisfy their desire to find the best single origin coffee and to share these amazing drinks with everyone. 

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